Certain SLA fields not being populated

I’m trying to create a report for remediation time broken up by organization. This shows up as a in measures under calculated members as expected. However when I create a table off this data this field is empty, this is odd because other SLA fields have correctly populated.

From the provided information, it is hard to tell why you do not see some SLA fields in your report.

One guess, that you have selected issue property instead of measure in your report. An issue property value could be displayed only when a list of issues are in rows (dimension Issue is in rows and data are expanded to the individual issue level). You can recognize property by name which starts with “Issue …”. On the other hand, measures return numerical value and could be aggregated and represented for organizations, projects, etc. Please check out documentation where are explained terms and concepts in eazyBI.

For example, issue property Issue Time to first response Breached represents value “Breached” for each issue which hasn’t fulfilled SLA. And measure Time to first response - Breached represent a count of issues which hasn’t fulfilled SLA. For more details check out description of available Service Desk measures, dimensions, and properties.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com