Chart to view PI Planned vs Unplanned work added

We use the fix version field to tag all of our work planned for a particular PI. As we continue throughout the PI new work is prioritize and the fix version is added. Is there a way that I can see a chart of # of issues and story points on a particular day (start of the PI) and any new items added to the PI (the PI fix version added after that particular day).
In Jira we’re using, “fixVersion was in ({Fix Version}) ON {Date}” to view all issues tagged with a Fix Version at the start of the PI. Then to find any issues tagged after the start of the PI we’re using “fixVersion in ({fixVersion}) and fixVersion was not in ({fixVersion}) ON {Date}”.

Can anyone help with specific measures that we need to create to accomplish this, or let me know if this is possible?

Hi @c4er,

Unfortunately, as the Fix version is a multi-value field in Jira, eazyBI does not support change history for any multi-value fields.
We have had this feature also requested in the eazyBI community previously: Fix Version history. We have it in our backlog, but I can not give any estimates as we are still looking for an appropriate solution.

Lauma /