Child Process Memory Recommendations

Current configuration of 2GB memory is resulting in end-of-page, query time-outs (currently set at 90 seconds), and “ErrorCon” resulting child-process restarts. Concurrent usage will rarely exceed 20 users, report queries can be quite complex, and the Jira database is quite large. Utilizing filters (pages) in lieu of rows does not not rectify problem. What would be the recommended memory configuration based on the above information?

Hi @Raymond,
When it comes to improving performance, there can be several suggestions for what to consider.

  1. Regarding child process - in more significant instances, the default setting of a few GB is not enough. You might want to increase the heap memory to 8GB (-Xmx8g) - see more about child process

  2. Also, you can look at account management - we recommend creating separate eazyBI accounts to reduce the number of issues per account. For example, you could create separate accounts for project-level reporting with one (or more) projects in a single account.
    You might check out the training video on account management: Training videos on specific topics.
    If the same report applies to several projects, consider creating the template account holding report templates that could be used on another individual (project-based) account to get the same reporting approach. Here are more on template accounts: Template accounts.

  3. Also, enable usage statistics to monitor report usage and which reports would require optimization: Usage statistics
    This leads to the next step of report optimization.

  4. Individual report optimization
    Our main suggestions are related to reporting performance that is more in the hands and control of our customers. Complex and slow reports might impact the eazyBI app performance.
    My colleague Daina has collected the main suggestions on what to look for and improve when reports are slow: Training videos on specific topics.
    We have also gathered best practices for report creation: Best practices for report creation.

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