Color cell by column avg


I’ve created a table with few columns so that for each column the report calculates the column’s average.
I want to highlight (thought by color) cells that contains values that are bellow the column’s average.
Is there a way to do that? I couldn’t find a solution.


Currently, you can use very basic comparisons. For example, you can calculate the average and apply this calculated value manually as an exact value for cell formatting.

I used Add calculated>Statistical>Average to calculate an average of the column. Then I used this exact value in the formatting:

Here is how it looks in the report:

Here is good news, though. We are planning updates in cell formatting in one of the nearest versions. It will include the scenario for dynamic updates based on some calculations. I will update this community post when it will be released.

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With version 6.2. we redesigned cell formatting with many configuration options. You can use MDX calculation in the cell formatting either addressing another measure or using the formula there directly.

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