Colour code Chart in Eazybi report

I’d like to be able to colour code on bar graphs to differentiate between them specifically the subtotal graph - unless someone can knows how to sort bar graph without the subtotal included

I don’t want to colour cells - that’s easy enough. I need to be able to colour the bar chart in Eazy BI

Hi @LenaGaston

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You can change colors for different measures/members through the chart legend only. In some cases, instead of using default subtotals or totals, there is a workaround: add a separate member or measure that represents this subtotal in the report to color code it differently
Otherwise, currently, it is not possible to color one specific bar differently (we consider such an option).

For more specific assistance, please, contact with your report definition, a screenshot of the chart and what do you want to color differently, probably, there is some workaround.

Ilze /