Combine Asset Dimensions from different Object Types


Is there a way to combine the different Asset dimensions from different Object Types ?

The structure is weird but all these fields have the same usage and they should all be labeled as “Site”

Thank you

Hi @Karim_Momo,

While that can be true - the attributes could stem from the same object, they are selected and used in different types of objects as attributes. In eazyBI, such attributes are imported as separate dimensions as they describe different types of objects.

One way you could combine them is if you have organized your Assets hierarchically. You can specify the attribute at the parent level and define it as an inheritable attribute. In such a configuration, eazyBI will have only one attribute dimension across the parent and child object types. Please see more details on how to enable that for Server/Data center here Configuring inheritance of attributes | Jira Service Management Data Center and Server 5.11 | Atlassian Documentation or Cloud Inherit all parent attributes | Jira Service Management Cloud | Atlassian Support.

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