Committed story points missing

Hi, I am very new to using eazybi. About a week or so into wrapping my brain around it.

I built a replica of the Jira velocity chart using the Story points committed field. It seemed to work fine and I could see that it seemed to reflect the expected values. When I opened the report earlier this week however, that measure (Story points committed) is gone.

Now I am as mentioned a complete rookie here, but no matter how I search I cannot find it again. I cannot see it in the list of measures, I cannot find it by trying to create my own measure and searching for it there (thought it might be hidden).

I have no idea how it disappeared. I am not 100% sure what it was called exactly. I did some searching in the documentation and found a field called “Sprint story point committed” but I cannot for the life of me find that in EazyBi.

Any help to located it would be appreciated.

Measure Sprint Story Points committed is a default measure eazyBI should import based on some import options. Please check if Sprint, Story Points, and Import issue change history is enabled for the account.

We show and enable those options by default if at least one selected projects have a type Software. We make that selection at the moment when you first select projects.

Please check if all those import options are enabled and run an import. eazyBI should build those measures with import.

Daina /

Hi Daina.

I can report that the issue for me was that “Import issue change history” was not checked.

It does mean that somehow someone on my side had disabled it either knowingly or unknowingly and that’s something I will have to investigate on my side, but at least now I know how it works.

Liels paldies! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!