Compare last month open issues this month with that open previous month

How can i get a Open tickets amount compared previous month:
And also want issues which are open from past 7 days , issue open from 7 days - 30 days ,
issue open from 30 days - 6 months

Hi @agupta,

I understand that you would like to do things, first, to group open issues by their age and then to compare the results with the previous month.

  1. Import interval dimension “Age interval” to group open issues by their age.
    For more details how to enable interval dimensions and adjust age intervals to match your use case, see the documentation:

  2. To compare results with the previous month, you might want to add standard calculations for measure “Open issues”, Add calculated -> Time ago -> year ago.
    For more details, please see the documentation:\

The report might look like in the picture below.

When the report is ready, you may switch to Bar chart for better data representation.

Zane /

thank you for the response .
the standard calculation to represent previous month is through time ago feature is this part of new version or 5.2.1 version as well

One portion of standard calculations, like Statistical, Cumulative, are available from version 5.0. However, functionality to compare measures between different time periods (Add calculated -> Time ago) is available starting eazyBI version 6.0 and on Cloud (