Comparing 2 dimensions

Hi Community,

Does anyone know how can I set into one report 2 dimensions and compare between them, based on time?
For example:
In my report I wish to see the average time spent in transition status for Priority field (Priority is the 1st dimension in the comparison) and I wish to see the average time spent in transition status for Customer Priority field (Customer Priority is the 2nd dimension in the comparison).
And now I would like to compare the result on 1 Bar chart.

Is there a way to do so?


Hi Loren,

You can use Tuples to include dimensions in MDX calculations without having the dimension in rows or columns.
Or you can use .DefaultMember or DefaultContext() functions to exclude dimensions from calculation even though they are in rows or columns.
Does that work for you?

Gvido Neilands,,
eazyBI service partner


If you have those dimensions with overlapping member names (I assumed, Priority is the Jira standard field, the Customer priority is you custom field), you can use one dimension in the report (e.g. the Priority and create a custom calculation which will provide the value for the same member of another dimension. The formula for such calculation would be the following:

  [Measures].[Average days in transition status],
  [Customer priority].[Customer priority].GetMemberByKey([Priority].CurrentMember.Name),

Now you can create a report where you can compare the Average time in status by the same priorities over the time and adjust it to the Bar chart outlook:

Janis, eazyBI support