Component Change History

Hi There,

I need to create a report for component changes over the lifetime of AVT.
Or Graph for a number of issues changed component by how many times.
I read something that component is multifield value so we can’t do it simply
Is there any other way to handle this?

Do I have to create a component as a single field? If so, How?
Do I have to create a separate custom field name “Component”? If so, How?

I appreciate the valuable feedback.

Hi Virendra,

You have found correctly - eazyBI, for now, does not support change history for any multi-value fields, including Components.

If you do not need to know exact components, but just the count of how many components issue had over time, an option would be to create a scripted field in Jira (e.g. Script runner or Jira Misc calculated field) that would go through the issue changelog and return 1 for each date when component is added and -1 for when it is removed. A similar example for daily hour estimate here:

The result for one issue for when there are two components added, one removed, then one more added again would look similar to the following:


And you could import this to eazyBI with following advanced settings:

data_type = "integer"
measure = true
multiple_dates = true

After import, use the new component count Measure in eazyBI with Time dimension. But note that this will not give the value of what the components were at that moment in time, just the total number of components.

Lauma /