Conditional Cell Formatting

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Just wanted to know if it is possible to just make a formatting rule for a specific column:

Is there a way to have a rule for BUG03A that only applies for the BUG03 Colum inside of the Severity 02 Column. (For example, Severity 2–> Bug03 should be red if the value is over 5, For Severity 3 Bug03 it should be red if the value is over 8…etc.)

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Happy holidays to all the active members of the eazyBI community. We appreciate the activity of our users willing to share the issues and solutions while using eazyBI.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to define different formatting for the lower level columns depending on the values of the higher level columns. The workaround for this case might be to implement new member (e.g. “BUG03A_2”) which is working for the severity 2 column and apply the specific formatting for it.

Ii added this request to our backlog of ideas for further evaluation.

Janis, eazyBI support

With version 6.2.0. redesigned Cell formatting options for Table and Gantt charts with various configurations options.

You can use a custom formula and use some MDX formula to set the rule only if the values on two dimension member selection matches.

In this risk chart in our demo account using the custom formula based on a combination two dimension names.

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