Conditional IF logic

Need help in organizing the below Excel query into easyBI IIF condition.

=IF([@[Custom field (Percentage)]]=100%, “Completed”, IF([@Status]=“Cancelled”, “Cancelled”, IF(AND([@[Days Passed %]]>=0%, [@[Custom field (Started?)]]<>“Y”), “Not Started”, IF([Days Passed Vs Project Completion Difference] <=7%,“On Schedule”, IF([@[Days Passed %]]>100%,“Delayed”, IF([Days Passed Vs Project Completion Difference] >18%,“Delayed”, “Risk of Delay”))))))

eazyBI has function IIF working in the same way as function IF in Excel.

However, for more complex conditions, it might be easier to use CASE WHEN … THEN … ELSE … END statement.

It seems you are applying the formula on individual issues to keep track of them. You can access issue default field and custom field values as Issue properties (for most cases). Check the section Issue properties in Measures.

It looks like you are using some calculations there as well. You can define custom calculation in eazyBI with calculated measures. You can address default imported measures and calculated measures within those calculations.

It could be something like this:

	[[Measures].[Issue Percentage] = "100%" THEN  "Completed"
	[[Measures].[Issue Status] = "Cancelled" THEN  "Cancelled"
	[[Measures].[Days Passed %] >= 0 AND 
	[[Measures].[Issue Started?] <> "Y" 
	THEN  "Not Started"
	[[Measures].[Days Passed Vs Project Completion Difference] <= 0.07 THEN  "On Schedule"
	[[Measures].[Days Passed %] >= 1  THEN "Delayed"
	[[Measures].[Days Passed Vs Project Completion Difference] > 0.18 THEN  "Delayed"
ELSE "Risk of Delay"

I addressed the default field Status as issue property Issue Status, I addressed custom fields Percentage and Started? as Issue Percentage and Issue Started?. I assume Days Passed % and
Days Passed Vs Project Completion Difference are some custom calculations. Therefore, I addressed them by name. Make sure you have those calculated measures with this name defined in eazyBI before you address them.

Percentage values should be addressed as numerical values. For example, 7% should be addressed as 0.07. Custom fields with percentage values could be imported as String values into eazyBI. Therefore, some percentages might be strings.

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Hi, Thank you very much for the response, this should really help me, thanks once again.