Conditions in Case statement

With following simple Case statement block, am always getting output as 14 (number), Not getting “In Progress” output.
Can someone please help me getting both the conditions.

([Measures].[Sprint issues at closing]) = 0
THEN “In Progress”
[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing]

Hi @Akil,

The measure “Sprint issues at closing” either has a value or is empty. It doesn’t have a value of zero. So in your case, the CASE statement always defaults to the ELSE branch. In your case, I recommend using the IsEmpty() function to check whether the measure has any value.

As a side note, I don’t recommend using two different data types as return statements in a calculated measure. For example, your formula could return a string or an integer. While the CASE statement doesn’t protest this, you could run into unexpected results.

Roberts //