Conditonal format for Issue Created Count%

I’m trying to create a conditonal format for [Issue created count %]

  • If the last 90days % is greater than All times for [Issue created count%] then highlight the data. Can someone help with this one? When I create the format using the heatmap it highlights all rows regardless

Hello @wanda_green

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​To highlight the row based on a comparison between two values, please proceed with clicking on Measure “Issues created count%” and selecting “Cell formatting”.
​In custom formula, add the formula below (you can learn about CASE statment here). The formula will return “True” when the value for Issue created % Last 90 days is higher than for “All times”. You can learn more about custom formula formatting here Conditional cell formatting

([Measures].[Issues created count %],
[Time].[Last 90 days])>
([Measures].[Issues created count %],

Proceed with ​selecting the “Exact value” tab, type “True” in the Exact value field, and apply the color you would like the row to be highlighted when the values for Issue created % in Last 90 days is higher than for “All times”.
​And lastly - enable the checkmark for “Apply to all row cells”

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