Confusion about time dimension

I put Time as a Pages,

For the report , there is only 3 fields.
Epic | Issue Start date | Issue Due Date

If I choose current week in the Pages, which date should the filter pointing to?
Also , How can I filer the issue start date . issue due date by Pages? If I need to filter them both in a report.

Hi @wing

Your report is built with Epics in Rows and their respective properties (start date and due date).
In eazyBI data model, dimensions are not directly related with each other, only measures bind them together (and the existence of value in measures shows that they are related).

Try adding measures “Issues with start date” and/or “Issues with due date” (depending on what it is you want to filter on the current week - the start date or the due date or both). See the screenshot below as an example. I have selected issue properties - “Issue created date” and "Issue due date’. I have also selected the respective measures - “Issues created” and “Issues with due date”. When I filter on “Current week” the report will return value “1” for each issue that match filter criteria.

If you want to filter out the issues that have Start and Due date in the current week, you could apply ​column filter - measure to be larger than 0, similarly as in screenshot below

Let me know if this works or if you have any follow up questions.

Best wishes,

Elita from

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