Convert JIRA's single line text to measure in EazyBI

In my JIRA project there is a single line text field which I have imported into EazyBI as a property. From the property I used ExactString function to extract a number and now want to use that number as a regular measure, to display on graphs.
I have tried a few different things to do this but I am unsuccessful. Is there any documentation on how to do this?


Hi @Kunal_Shenoy

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The best solution, in this case, would be retrieving this numerical part of the string in a separate numeric custom field and then import it as a measure.
it could be done either in Jira, using some scripted custom field, or during data import in eazyBI, using JavaScript calculated custom field.

Then you would add advanced settings for this numeric custom field to include it in Custom fields list and import it as a measure. During import, a set of total measures based on this custom field would be created then and you would be able to retrieve total values for displaying in graphs.

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