Could Topics in the Community forum - 'Answers and Questions' section be marked as answered?


I’m not sure if this is the right place to recommend this, but since I didn’t find any other better section, I used it. Please move it or cancel it if it’s not appropriate.

This feature request refers to the ‘Answers & Questions’ section, not to eazyBI, the application.

Could we mark questions as answered, when receiving an answer from somebody?

I think this would benefit everybody: people who search for answers and also, most likely, your team, to quickly identify unanswered questions.

Thank you!


I agree it is definitely helpful to see whether a question is answered.
Current platform for eazyBI Community already has such functionality to show how many replays each question/topic has, and how many other users have viewed this topic (see picture below).

Let us know if you had something completely different on your mind.

Zane /

Thanks Mihai for the suggestion, just installed the “Solved” plugin to our community portal, so you can test it and press the solved button (checkbox).

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Thank you, this is great!