Count amount of closed tickets by month


I am looking for a way to count all Epics that got transitioned to status “Closed” within a given timespan (i.e. a month), in order to plot these into a timeline graph. So far I have only been able to count the cumulative amount of Closed tickets each month.

The formula I am using for the amount of Executing tickets in a given month (time in Rows, Measures formula below + Issue type Epic in columns) does not work because once a ticket has status Closed it will never leave this status thus the number only increases.

[Measures].[Issues history],
[Transition Status].[Executing]

Is there a way to do what I am specifying here?

Hi @kiMMey

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Please find the documentation page about issue change history import and related measures:

In your case, you could try using the distinct measure “Transitions to status issues count” in your formula for calculations. It would count issues that went to specific transition status only in the specific period and won’t behave as cumulative count.
Issues history, however, returns the number of issues in the status at the end of each time period. It means that issue remains in “Issues history” results for all months after it reached the status.

Martins / eazyBI support.