Count custom fields date and time measure have value and row number different

I have a custom field call ‘started date and time’ and I import it from Jira by adding it in import option as both measure and property. I can see it in columns->measures as ‘Issues with start date and time’ and would like to break it down to month. After I successfully add the filters into ‘Pages’ and add ‘Time’ into Row and choose ‘Issues with start date and time’ in columns->measures->Custom fields(while I deselect the default ‘Issues created’). I got the result!
However when I Drill through issues, I found the value under the column ‘Issues with start date and time’ sometimes could be ‘2’ rather than ‘1’ and makes the value of monthly total is different from count of rows. May I know how it happened and how to eliminate these duplicate?

I found the solution for previous posts. But just don’t how it works. Why ‘[Measures].[Issues with start date and time]>0’ can be the condition for filtering the duplicates.

Add calculation member:
[Measures].[Issues with start date and time]>0

It is likely that some of your months have more than 1 such issues with custom field value which belong to the specific month therefore you see value 2
But it also could be that you have other some multi-value custom field dimension used in your report which duplicate the results for the column.
Perhaps you could reach out to eazyBI support and share your eazyBI report definition exported to a text file.

And lastly, if you create a new calculated member in “Measures” dimension using Descendants (which is kind a distinct function) and the filter condition you already used, it would filter each issue just once (avoiding duplicates) and that could be the workaround in your case however it will be slower way of calculating results.

Martins / eazyBI support