Count how many XRAY TEST there are from a particular date

I need help adding a “Define calculated member formula” to tell me how many XRAY TESTs there are since a particular date. For example I need to count how many test cases there are since 2023-01-15 from now.

I´am not use filter from time beacouse not found for metric

@ilze.mezite help me please!!!

Hi @Pablo_Andres_Cunarro,

​You might create a calculated member in the Time dimension that aggregates all the days since the specific date and then use that calculated member in a tuple with the measure.
You might use the DateMembersBetween function to generate the set of relevant days.
Please read more about that function here -DateMembersBetween.

​The expression for the Time “since 15 Jan 2023” might be as follows.

--your start date
--end date of specific period

​You might use it in a tuple to find the number of tests run.

([Time].[since 15 Jan 2023],
 [Measures].[Xray Test Runs])

​Oskars /