Count issues with unique values in custom field


I would like to create a report which shows the number of issues created per week but count them only once for each unique value in the custom field “Material number”.

So for example if in one month the following tickets were created:
Ticket 1 (Material number: M1)
Ticket 2 (Material number: M1)
Ticket 3 (Material number: M2)
then the report should show only two tickets since tickets exist only for two distinct material numbers.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you

Hi, Johannes,

The following formula counts the number of dimension members having at least one ticket created in the week:

  Filter(Descendants([Material number].CurrentMember,[Material number].[Material number]),
  [Measures].[Issues created]>0)

Janis, eazyBI support

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Hi Janis,

works like a charm.

Thanks a lot!