Count issues with upper link

Hello Everyone,

I found some clues on Q&A, but none made the job, sorry if I missed one.

We use four levels of issues in different kinds of jira projects, linked in the Structure plugin : Epic (not the Jira one) > Capability > Function > US.
I want to count the number of issues of type Capability which have, at least, a link to an upper ticket, by jira project.

I have defined two fields in EBI settings :

First field to get keys of “upper link”

name = "UpLink"
outward_link = "covers"
issue_type = ["Epic", "Epic Enabler"]
none_member_all_levels = true
dimension = true

Second field in order to create a measure (upper link exists or not)
name = “Up Link Count”
data_type = “integer”
measure = true
javascript_code = ‘’’
if ( issue.fields.customfield_up_link_epic) {
issue.fields.customfield_up_link_epic_count = 1;

Then I defined a measure like [Measures].[Issues with Up Link Count created]

The latter is always empty, any tip ?

Thank you !


Hi @Pierre,

JavaScript won’t find the issue link custom field. The value is not assigned to each issue, so it is not found by the JavaScript calculated custom field. Please have a look at another eazyBI community post with a similar question - Count issues according to link type.

Roberts //

Hi @roberts.cacus,

Thank you for your answer.
I finally found a solution, finalized and developed thanks to EazyBI support (thank you again @janis.plume) .

In a field (data_type = “string” and dimension = true)
I wrote code that performs both operations at the same time.

  • Initialize the return to “FALSE”
  • If there is a link in the issue,
  • make a loop on the links

— If the link is of the desired nature: return = “TRUE”

link.type.inward=="desired link type" 
&&"desired issue type"
# note that you can use outwardIssue depending on the link type you are looking for

This new dimension is then simply used in a tuple to filter issues with this type of link.

I hope this will help the community.

Have a good day !


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