Count of Issue Links, that are related to certain project help

Hi All,

Im new to Easy BI, and still learning how all this works, it hasn’t quite clicked yet.

I am trying to find out how I can do the below

I want to create a report where I can view the count of Tickets that have a Link to a certain project within the last month.

Within Jira the filter query is: issuetype in (Bug, Report, Task) AND “PMO Programme” = X AND “PMO Project” = X AND “Scrum Team” in (A, C, L) AND issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf(“project=ESE”) AND created >= 2022-12-01 AND created <= 2022-12-31

How can I translate this data to Easy BI?

Thank you

Hey @Catherine

Welcome to eazyBI community.
There is no direct JQL translation in eazyBI.
you can watch this recording.

In your case, you can use dimensions “Time”, “Issue type”, “PMO Programme”, “PMO Project” and “Scrum Team” as page filters (last 3 you can import from the import options page)

Next, make sure you import linked issues as explained here:

Then select the “Issue imported links” column and filter the report by this measure.

Then select measure “Issues created” in columns.
Martins / eazyBI

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