Count of issues that User logged time during sprint per issue type including time spent on subtasks

Hi, I need to make report which would calculate Hours Spent (with sub-tasks) and count of Issues he spent per sprint.

I found measures like “Hours Spent” and “Hours spent with sub-tasks” which works fine for me. But I’m struggling to get count of Issues.
There is “Issues with hours spent” property under “Distinct issues count” section but it doesn’t include Sub-tasks. Any ideas how could I get exected result?


Hi @Mantas,

Measure “Issues with hours spent” shows the count of individual issues time is logged.

In case you would like to count only parent issues for logged hours, you might want to define a calculated measure. For example, in the case of a Story issue type, the calculation woudl go through parent issues from the Sub-task hierarchy and count how many of those have any logged hours on sub-tasks. The expression might look like this:

CASE WHEN -- "Issue Type" dimension is in the repot and has value "Story"
  [Issue Type].CurrentMember.Name = "Story"
      --set of parent issues with type Story
      [Measures].[Issue type] = "Story" AND
      --has any logged hours on sub-tasks
      ([Measures].[Hours spent],
       [Issue Type].[Sub-task]) > 0
ELSE --for the rest of the issue types
  [Measures].[Issues with hours spent] 

More details on calculated measures and used functions are here:

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