Count the number of issues in each transition status

I want to count in each status how many issues exists.
I used isues history to count however if the sprint is closed it doesnot show the closed sprint statistics.
How can i calculate for closed and running sprints?
I tried this but it doesnot work:

    DescendantsSet([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    [Measures].[Transition to status]>0
    [Measures].[Issues history]>0

Hi @Behzad_Nazarbakhsh

Could you please explain more about what you would like to show in your report?
Would you like to know how many issues were in which statuses at the moment of Sprint closing?
Or would you like to sort issues by their current statuses?

The better I understand what exactly you would like to see in the report, the better I can help you out!
Best regards,

Hi @nauris.malitis ,
I want to count number of issue in each transition status after closing each sprint.

Hi @Behzad_Nazarbakhsh

You can use the Predefined “Sprint issues at closing” measure together with the Transition Status dimension:

This will show you how many issues were in each Status at the moment of Sprint closing.

​Best regards,