Count Total Unique Values In Field

I feel like this should be easy, but I’m stumped. I have a field that allows us to track customers impacted by an issue. It’s essentially a field like labels. What I want to do is count the number of unique values in this field, and haven’t been successful.

I’ve searched, and watched videos, but I don’t see anything that solves the issue. I don’t believe this needs to be a calculated field, and assumed that EazyBi had a function that would look at a field, and get the count of values.

Full disclosure, I honestly have a tough time with this tool, I’ve hacked together some good reports, but there’s a “next level” of reporting that I get lost on.

I would suggest importing the field as a property and then use a trick to count how many comas (separators of different values) are used in this property.

not IsEmpty(
[Measures].[Issue NNNNN])
Len([Measures].[Issue NNNNN]) - Len(Replace([Measures].[Issue NNNNN], ',', '')) + 1

Please use your issue property name instead of NNNNN in the formula above.

Daina /