Count unique issues without showing issues

I’m trying to Count the number of issues resolved by all the teams divided into the different versions they committed their fixes. I succeded using:

But I want to count in the total the unique fixes, a.k.a the number of fixes, while most of the fixes are fixed in multiple versions.

What I need is to override the Total to count distinct issues only.
[If you add the issue dimension you can see that plenty of issues are committed to multiple versions]
For example:

I’ll appreciate if someone has a solution


Hi @elyashivg,

​The Total calculation on columns is a simplified calculation to sum the values of displayed cells.
If you want to see the total of all versions, you might create a calculated member within the “Target Version/s” dimension, aggregating the selected versions.

​The expression for the calculated member “Selected versions” might be as follows.

{[Target Version/s].[Version 1],
 [Target Version/s].[Version 2],
 [Target Version/s].[Version 3]})

You might then either display the selected versions along with the calculated member.​

​Then you might also create a separate measure - “Total resolved” that includes the reference to the calculated member and the relevant measure.

​The expression might be as follows.

​([Target Version/s].[Selected versions],
​ [Measures].[Issues resolved])

​Then you might use the measures “Issues resolved” and “Total resolved” and only drill into the “Issues resolved” to the Version level of the Target versions.
​Please read more about that here - drill into measure.

​Oskars /

Thank you very much, this solved the case!!