Counting committed and committed-completed issues

I’m building a report based on one of the samples to tally up the committed issues and completed issues by the month the sprint ended. Here’s one of my measures, they all look like this for things like ‘issues added to sprint’, ‘issues removed from sprint’ and on and on.

     Descendants([Sprint].CurrentMember, [Sprint].[Sprint]),
     [Sprint].CurrentMember.GetDate('Complete date'),
    [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]

It looks like I have issues reporting in my previous month as committed and completed in the following month. Any tips for me?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @mfagan,

I recommend using the predefined measure “Sprint issues completed of committed”. It will return the number of committed issues completed in a Sprint at the moment when the sprint was closed.

Roberts //

Hi @roberts.cacus,

That works great and reports completed issues of committed when the sprint was closed however the measure ‘sprint issues committed’ reports issues at sprint start month I believe.

Is it possible to count the number of issues that were in the sprint before it started and report when the sprint closed?

Hi @mfagan,

The suggested measure “Sprint issues completed of committed” returns the number of committed and completed issues at the Time dimension period the Sprint completed.

Roberts //