Counting unique users without have access to the hierarchy containing the data


I am trying to generate a report that counts the unique users that has visited our internal intranet site. The User dimension has 3 levels, namely Division > Department > User.

Due to GDPR, I cannot show the User level, but if I limit a viewers’ permission to only Department, the calculated member no longer works (since it needs the User level data).

Does EazyBI offer a solution whereby this can be solved?

Yes, you are correct. If you are using calculated members on user-level data, you can’t use limitations by this level. Calculated members will not work.

You can consider scrambling user credentials details during import. You can use custom JavaScript code for Jira data import or REST API import to apply those changes during import. You can check if you can expand the SQL select to apply some scrambling there.

Another option would be changing the data structure and remove the linkage of those details from a user level. Then you can use non-user related data for the report allowing limitations to access user level.

  1. You can check if you can import the details currently mapped by user as a separate dimension. It would be applicable if you have those details for individual data entry (on each issue for Jira data import, on each row for custom data import).

  2. If the above is not possible, please check if you can update the User dimension hierarchy by adding an additional level based on the details above the user level.
    Please note. If you are changing the structure of the dimension, you would like to delete the dimension before making those changes. You can use JavaScript code for REST API import to add additional columns, modify SQL code if needed, or include an additional grouping column in other data sources.

We would like to see details on this setup to provide a more precise answer. Please share additional information to if you would need some further assistance on this.

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