Counts the number of ticket updates

Many of the tickets we have in our system are long-running.
Rather than just measuring assignee’s on tickets resolved we would like to have a count of number of ticket updates OR number of tickets updated.
Are either of these possible?

Actually both are possible.

  1. use Issues Last Updated measure.
  2. If this does not suite, you can use Issue.Updated at property: create calculated member in Measures dimension which returns last updated date.
    [Issue].CurrentMember.GetDate(“Updated at”)
    and then use this for calculations;
  3. if this does not suite either, then you should use javascript calculated fields and develop javascript which will precalculate the value you need (note: precalculated javascript fields will significanly boost performance of your reports, the cons, of course, is that you need to deal with development hassle).

P.S. If the business reason of your request is to enable visibility and perform regular review of long - standing issues, you should use Age Interval dimension. If this dimension is not available, you should check the box in the data import options.