Create a measure to get only unique committed issues in last 4 sprints

I have created a measure that filters last 4 closed sprint, but the issues are being counted multiple times when using the “[Measures].[Sprint issues at the end]”.

Some issues are considered as 2 or 3 as values, this is caused when issues are carried over in multiple sprints

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To help you with the most accurate solution, could you please reach out to us @ share the definition for your eazyBI report?

How to export the report definition - Export and import report definitions

We will try to help you once we see these details.
Please refer to this community post when you contact us directly.

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Hello @Elita.Kalane

Thanks for the response and sorry I wasn’t clear with my question.

Please find the details of the measures used below:

I would like get all the unique issues without them being counted multiple times, such as the row count “33” from the given example.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Hi @santhosh_kumar,

You shared the report definition, and the key point was that the calculated measure “# of Bugs count at the start of sprint” was using the measure “Sprint issues committed” in a tuple with the issue type.

However, the “Sprint issues committed” is based on transitions and might return the same issue multiple times if multiple sprints apply.

The solution is to use the distinct issue count measure instead. You might as well include the issue type there.
Therefore, the updated expression for the measure “# of Bugs count at the start of sprint” might be as follows.

( [Measures].[Transitions to issues count],
  [Transition Field].[Sprint status],
  [Sprint Status].[Active],
  -- An issue was in a sprint at a sprint start time
  [Issue Sprint Status Change].[Future => Active],
  [Issue Type].[Bug]

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