Create a report that shows highest ranked issues

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can anyone help me on that issue:
I would like to create a report that shows the status of the 20/50/100 highest ranked issues, clustered by components.
I have already imported the rank as property. I just don’t find a way to use it at all. Is there a way to get the highest ranked issue?
I have created Issue rank as calculated member. After that I am stuck.

Hope you can help. I have been searching for hours, there is no help on that issue at all.

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Hi Samuel,

Maybe you can use the “Top N rows” functionality for this:

Using story points just as an example.

Hope that helps,
Gvido Neilands,

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@SamuelS , I believe you already had a private consultation and solution.
There is another approach.

Option Top N / Bottom N works fine if you would like to get top/bottom values over all values in rows (in your case over all components).

If you would like to get top/bottom values within each component, then you may use a different approach with custom calculations.

1)Define a calculated measure in Measures to order issues based on Rank value to aggregate ten highest ranked issues:

    -- order all created issues
      [Measures].[Issues created] > 0),
    -- by Issue rank in ascending order
    [Measures].[Issue Rank], BASC)

Note this measure works only when Issue dimension is set as rows.

2)Then add a newly created measure to your report and Filter rows by its value. For example, to get Top 5 issues for each component filter that value is =< 5 (see picture below).

If you like, you may remove the measure from columns; the filter condition will remain.

3)You may alter the formula to fit your purposes. For example,
3.1) change ordering function to BDESC, to filter rows by Bottom rank.
3.2) change filter criteria from “Issues created” to “Issues due” to filter only unresolved issues.

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