Create a table comparing current open issues to issue closed in the current month


I have an issue with the following statuses:

  1. New
  2. In progress
  3. Needs Additional Info
  4. Executing
  5. Closed

For each month, I want to show the count of issues that are:
a. Currently New, In Progress, and Needs Additional
b. Transitioned to Executing

For a, I was using the Issue History measure with the Transition Status dimension, then filtered the desired statuses I wanted.

For b, I used the Transition to status issue count measure with the Transition Status dimension filtered to “Executing”.

I can create a and b separately but I want to merge the two. Is this possible? It seems like I need to have each measure associated with a separate dimension but I’m not sure I’m on the right path.

Hi @ahyiah

​Thanks for posting your question and welcome to the eazyBI Community!

​I’m not entirely sure I understood your use case; however, please try the following steps:
​1. Define a new calculated member in the Status dimensions and aggregate your statuses “New, In Progress, and Needs Additional Info.” You can learn more about calculated members in other dimensions here - Calculated members in other dimensions. The formula might look as follows:

[Status].[In Progress],
[Status].[Needs Additional Info]

​2. Create a new Calculated Measure in the Measures dimension to create a measure which will find issues that transitioned to the status “Executing”.

​([Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Executing])

​3. Then use Drill into other dimension functionality (learn more here) → Interact with report You can drill into the status dimension to see in which statuses currently are the issues that moved to “Executing” status.
​When you have drilled into the Status dimension, you can select the Aggregated member you created in step 1.

​Hopefully this is what you were looking for, if not please let me know!

​Best wishes,
​Elita from