Create burnup chart over multiple projects

We want to create a burnup chart over multiple projects.

In Jira we have the following hierarchy:

    1. Level: Epics (assigned to a fixVersion)
      1. Level: Stories/Bugs/Tasks (across multiple projects)
        1. Level: Subtasks

Original Estimate and Remaining Estimate are entered for 2. Level or 3. Level
What we want to do is get all the Epics for a certain version and sum up the Original and Remaining estimate of all their children issues.

So e.g.

  • get all Epics with fixVersion=“V1”
  • get all Issues in the Epic (even if they are in another project)
  • get all the subtasks of the Issues
  • sum up the Original and Remaining Estimate to show them as a burn-up over time

How can we achieve this?


There are two features in the additional settings of eazyBI that should help with your case:

  1. As you have the hierarchy spanning over several projects, the hierarchy of Epics without projects would help. Please, find here the example of how to create such a hierarchy:
    Additional Issue hierarchies - eazyBI for Jira

  2. You can create a new dimension by inheriting down the Fix version to the lower levels of your hierarchy. Please, check the documentation about the Issue link field dimension Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira
    This example should work for your case:
    Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

Janis, eazyBI support