Create charts with Labels


How to create report/measure with following query?
labels = label1 AND labels in (label2, label3, label4)


eazyBI does not import Labels as property. You can validate if an issue has any label with measures only. You can use measure Issues created in a tuple or with Aggregate over a set of members.

Here is an example formula for this:

    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    -- Label = Label1
    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Label].[Label1]) > 0
    -- Label is in Label2, Label3, Label4
      [Measures].[Issues created]
    ) > 0

Please take into account. The measure in an account with large issue set could work slow.

Labels are commonly used instead of several custom fields in Jira. They could represent Hidden dimensions. You can think this over and consider creating those custom fields during import with JavaScript. JavaScript custom fields provide an option to add new dimensions for eazyBI usage only. In many cases, it is easier to use new dimensions for reporting instead of complex calculations.

Daina /

With version 6.1. we added support for some additional default field issue properties, Issue label property included.

We suggest using issue properties in issue level calculations as much as possible. I updated the formula of the one I shared before with the new one based on property Issue labels

    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    -- filter for time dimension in the report
      [Measures].[Issue created date],
    -- Label = Label1
    CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue labels],"") MATCHES ".*label1.*"
    -- labels in (label2, label3, label4)
    CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue labels],"") MATCHES ".*label2.*|.*label3.*|.*label4.*"  
[Measures].[Issues created])

This formula should work faster than the previous one.

Daina /