Create new measure for closed tickets in sprints without any time logged

can you please assist me on creating a measure “Issues closed without time logged” which does show the number of closed issues per sprint on which there is no time logged.
I would like to enhance our existing report which does show the number of closed issues and the total time of spent on these issues. Unfortunately we usually have couple of tickets for which there is no time logged, so the total hours spend is misleading.

Many thanks

Hi @Christian1,

Out of the box, there is a measure “Issue with hours spent” showing how many issues have worklogs.
This measure will identify all issues with logged hours regardless if it is closed or not.

However, to get the opposite (no logged hours) and with additional criteria that issue is closed, you might want to define a new calculated measure.
The calculation would go through all issues and check if it is closed and has any logged hours. The expression might look like this:

  --set of issues matching filter criteria
    --go though individual issues
    --check that issue is closed
    NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Closed at')) AND
    [Measures].[Issues closed] > 0 AND
    --there is no logged hours
    IsEmpty([Measures].[Hours spent])

For more details on calculated measures, see in the documentation: Calculated measures - eazyBI for Jira).

Zane /

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