Create report using data from 2 cubes

Hi. I want to create a report using data from JIRA and from a csv I uploaded to EazyBI.
The data is in two different cubes. Can you please provide guidance how to create this?
Thank you

Thanks [Kateryna_Nakonechna] for asking this question

Hi EazyBI Team, Are any solutions available for creating data from 2 different Cubes?

Example In my case, We are getting data from 2 Sources and 2 cubes are available. Now I need to prepare one report based on these 2 cubes.


Hi @Kateryna_Nakonechna and @SAM2022 ,
Creating a report from two separate data cubes won’t be possible.
But it is possible to import additional data to the Jira Issues cube if there is some linkage between data; see the documentation here: Additional data import into Jira Issues cube
And some training videos here: Data Mapping from Other Data Sources

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