Creating a calculated member of required set of options of any dimension

Hello Team,
I have a one use case where I would like to group few of the values of any dimension.
Let say in a dimension there are N possible values but I would like to use few of them .
Example : dimension - Issue type
values - Bug, task, sub-task, story, epic.
I would like to use only - Bug , story, task
I have tried using the dimension in “pages” and defined a “new calculated member” by using "aggregate function. Below is the way I am using it:

Aggregate({[Issue Type].[Bug],
[Issue Type].[Story],
[Issue Type].[Task],
[Issue Type].[Sub-task],
[Issue Type].[Research]

I did similar once for other dimension where it worked but not working for another dimension. Can you suggest any other approach to do it?


Hi @Mehak_Gulati

When ​looking at the Aggregate function you have used for grouping the Issue Type - it looks correct.

​When creating new calculated members, it is always important to keep in mind the ground rules (learn more here - Calculated members in other dimensions). One of the main rules is that you cannot aggregate members in one dimension and mix members from another dimension.

In Issue Type dimension you can Aggregate members from Issue type dimension
​In Status dimension, you can Aggregate members from Status dimension.
Same applies for other dimensions.

​If you are not mixing the members from various dimensions when using Aggregate function, please share more details (either here or by sending an email to regarding what exactly is not working in one of your Dimensions where you are trying to use Aggregate function.

Best wishes,

Elita from