Creating a measure with multiple conditions

Hi All,

I’m new to eazyBI and I’m trying to build a report for the below.

  • Count resource allocation (Assignees) by the initiatives using Labels created for each initiative.

In this case, the Initiative label is assigned only for the EPIC. But when I get the assignee count, I need to count the assignees of the Child issues of the “In Progress” EPICs (Parent). Note: Children issues do not have the Label and won’t add any as it will not be sustainable with a lot of manual work.

I’m having one column with all relevant Labels filtered. And need to have the Assignee count calculated against each of these labels.

Currently, I created 2 Measures;

  1. Count In Progress Assignee - This count only the EPIC as the label is attached to EPIC

            [Measures].[Transitions to status],
            [Transition Status].[In Progress]
            --[Assignee Group].[engineers]
          > 0
  2. Count children ticket of the Parent EPICs - This creates a new column rather than filtering the no.1 measure.

Please help, how can I combine these two to count the Children of the EPICs (which has the label) in “Inprogress” and “Onhold” and get the output in a single figure.
Expected output →

Initiative 1 → In Progress Assignee Count = 10

Appreciate any guidelines on this.


Hi @Savani,

If you want to filter issues based on the label of their Epic, you might import the Epic label dimension for all related issues. You might read more about hat here - Issue link field dimensions.

After importing this additional field as a dimension, you might use that on the Page filter and then use your measure for calculations.
If you use the relevant hierarchy within the Issue dimension, you would see the results for the relevant sub-tasks.

Oskars /