Creating measure of open ticket leadtime

I am asking to make a new measure for open ticket leadtime.

Please help me to solve this question, I need friends help

Hi @Park
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You may want to use Age interval dimension where all currently open issues are grouped by their age (time since their creation date). See an example report here: Unresolved Issues Age Interval Histogram - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

How to get there:

  1. You need to import Age interval dimension, if it is not already present in your data cube. Select the option in import settings: Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira

  2. When the Age dimension is imported, edit intervals to be split by one week (7 days) similarly as described here: Interval dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

  3. Finally, in the report, select the Age interval dimension in rows and measure “Issues due” in columns.
    The Time dimension is not needed if you want to see the current situation about all unresolved issues. If you are interested in issues with a due date within this week, add Time dimension in Pages and select calculated member “'Current week”.

Ilze /


When I using Age interval, it is not working.
I made a new measure for backlog which meet our requirement…
Could you advice how to make a new leadtime measure when I want to use Backlog I made,

This is backlog I made it,
CASE WHEN [Issue].CurrentMember.Level.Name <> ‘Issue’ THEN
Cache([Measures].[Issues created]
- [Measures].[Issues closed])
- [Measures].[Issues closed]
WHEN [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember IS [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember
THEN NonZero([Measures].[Issues due])
– optimized formula for drill through Issue
[Issue].CurrentMember.get(‘Created at’) ,
[Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
NOT DateBeforePeriodEnd(
[Issue].CurrentMember.get(‘Closed at’),
[Measures].[Issues created]),