Creating the sum of time estimation field

A team I’m working with have started using the Time Estimation field as a way to record on “Support” issues the amount of time they spent resolving the issue. For a selecte sprint, I’d like to calculate the sum of time estimation field on the completed tickets to work out how much time they spent on support in total. I’ve tried many of the calculated measures using the following code and changing the measures within it, but nothing is calculating it correctly. Please can you advise if it’s because the field isn’t imported as standard, or if my calculation is wrong?

[Issue Type].[Task],
[Measures].[Original estimated hours],
– add the transition status member representing your cycle
[Transition Status.Category].[Done]


The Original estimated hours do not work with the Transition status dimension.

Considering that tasks Done stay with the sprint where it was resolved the last time, your formula should use the Status dimension instead:

([Issue Type].[Story],
[Measures].[Original estimated hours],

The recommended way for debugging is to use the Issue dimension in the report:


Janis, eazyBI support