Cumilative time in status (excluding some status)

I’m a Newbie with EazyBI i want to replicate this [report] (Average resolution time and trend (Lead time) - eazyBI for Jira) with Time spent in list of statuses but not all ideally with Status as a dimension in the page so one can select certain status
Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi @AmrutBhonsle

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To get time spent in a specific status, you may keep the report structure, only would need another measure.

Remove “Average resolution days” and trendline from the report and add measure “Days in transition status” and, using standard calculation option, add linear trend for this measure (how to add standard calculation: Create reports - eazyBI)

Then, in Pages, add Transition Status dimension (probably, by Status category hierarchy), as “Days in transition status” is based on historical statuses. Select statuses or status categories you need to sum up time spent in those statuses. Please read more about historical dimensions and measures: Import issue change history - eazyBI for Jira

See the report example below.

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Hi @ilze.leite

The measure “Average workdays in transition status” will count 24 hours per day, but I want the measure to count only 8 hours per day(working hours).
How this can be achieved?

Suchithra S