Cumulative Sum by Epic per sprint

I’m trying to create cumulative sum by epic per sprint, as shown in the picture below.
The end goal is to calculate

  1. Number of epics include in 80% of completed story points
  2. The % completed Story point of top 3 epics (by size) out of total completed

currently trying to solve the first issue but appreciate help in any of the steps.

Hi @Racheli_Zamari ,

Please look at the following eazyBI community post - Calculate Cumulative Sum only for the rows of a Particular Issue. It is pretty similar to your request.

You can see the suggested solution with a calculated measure, considering the Transition dimension and the “Workdays in transition status” measure. You can re-use the calculated measure formula to calculate the cumulative Sum by Epic per Sprint. Replace the Transition dimension with the Epic Link dimension and the measure with “Sprint Story Points completed”.

Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions.
Roberts //