Current value and previous values in report

I have a report that shows % resolved for Advanced Roadmap Initiatives. I am including a custom field for ‘epic t-shirt size’ as a dimension. I see multiple rows for epic t-shirt size, showing the % resolved for each relevant value of epic t-shirt size. How do I show the current value of epic t-shirt size, with the total % resolved, including when epic t-shirt size was different.


Using T-shirt size as a dimension groups issues for the relevant T-shirt size throughout the hierarchy.

You might use the property ‘Issues T-shirt size’ as a measure to show the current value for the issue.

However, if you want to display the current T-shirt size of the Epic level for all its underlying issues - you might use a calculated measure similar to this to retrieve it from the Epic level.

Ancestor([Issue.Epic].CurrentMember, [Issue.Epic].[Epic]).Get('T-shirt size')

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