Current Week Measure

I would like to show a marker on the x axis where the current day is.
A number of my charts have the time dimension using the Weekly hierarchy by week, and Measures as the Y axis. The Timeline is based on the Fix Version start and end date so I want to show a marker for the current day.

I found this article:

But can’t get this formula to work:
Case When
[Time].CurrentMember.Parent is
}) > 0

The formula you are referring could work as a Time dimension calculated member you can use on a report to represent days of the current week.

If you would like to show a vertical line on Timeline chart indicating a today, you would like to create a calculated measure in Measures with this formula:

"Today: " || Format(Now(), 'Medium Date')

You can add this calculated measure to the report and use a representation type Vertical line for a measure. You can add data label to vertical line as well. Vertical lines work only on Timeline chart now.

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Perfect - thank you!