Custom fields - component description

I need component description on my JIRA report.
how can I create or import it?


Hi @edecacheleu

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To return issue components descriptio, you may want to create a new calculated custom field using JavaScript.
Here is described how to create a new calculated custom field: New calculated fields

You would create a text field, and import it as an issue property.

Here is the JavaScript code for this field:

if (issue.fields.components) {
  var descriptions = issue.fields.components
    .map(function(component) {
      return component.description;
    .filter(function(description) {
      return description;
  return descriptions.join(", ");

It will return descriptions for all the issue’s components as comma separated string.
Import this field as a property and use in your report!

Notice that the issue must be in the report rows to display the property value! See how it would look in the report (I have descriptions for UP, DOWN, and RIGHT components):