Custom hierarchy for multiple_values from imported links


I’ve setup a custom hierarchy Story -> Test -> Testplan from imported issues links between the issue types.

The hierarchy works in general but a parent issue (Story) might more then one linked child. This created the situation that instead of getting the child issue information, I get the list of children as comma-separated list.

So in each level of the hierachy only one child exists which prevents the lower levels from working properly.


expected result)

  • Story-12
    -> Test 2
    –> Testplan 3
    -> Test 15
    –> Testplan 16
    –> Testplan 17

a) - works fine but is rarely the case
-> Test 2
–> Testplan 3

b) kind of works but doesn’t solve the issue
-> “Test 2, Test 5, Test 6”
–> (none)

c) also doesn’t solve the issue

  • Story-7
    -> Test 8
    –> “Testplan-10,Testplan-11”

So I thought I use “multiple_values=true” and split_by="," to have more then just one child per level. However as soon as I enter the multi value part into the import definition the hierarchy doesn’t work at all.

How do I get multiple children per level working from imported issue links in a custom hierachy?


Hi Erik,

Would you mind to send additional information for troubleshooting to

Please send

  1. Link configuration in Jira (screenshots of Jira issues where I could see how all level issues are linked with each other)
  2. Additional settings



in the screenshots you’ll find the advanced settings setup for the issue links and hierarchy.(see picture)

The Issue linkage:

High-level issue
-> “is Change for Scope”

  • Story-1
  • Story-2

-> “is tested by”

  • Test-3
  • Test-4

The link between test and testplan is a xray customfield and therefore no issuelink as such. However even without this last hierarchy item I don’t get the expected result.

I hope this helps to validate.

Is there any way to make this work?
Thank in advance.

Hi Erik

Did you get anywhere with this? I am having exactly the same issue.