Customizing Drop down in report page

  1. “Report Date” is my page in report , so if we select multiple date’s or Month or week in drop down the data for those days gets accumulated, but I want the report to show data for all selected dates or months or weeks separately and not accumulated data. How to do that

  2. Also how to make the latest date as default date to be listed in Page -Drop down?

  3. Is there a way to disable multiple selection option from page–> Drop down?


Hi @Kiruthika!

I am sorry to see your question has been pending an answer for so long!

  1. To split measures on the row it is necessary to have that dimension on row; adding a dimension as a page does the filtering, but aggregates all the results.
    In this case, you can use dimensions both in rows and pages, see a short video here
  2. For this, you could create a calculated member by using Tail(…) function (to get really the last Time dimension member).
    Aggregate({ Tail([Time].[Day].Members) })
    Or have the current date member shown in Time dimension
    Aggregate({ [Time].[Day].CurrentDateMember })
    Use any of these calculated members as your default Page selection.
  3. No, there is no such option to disable the multiple selections. Could you give me more details of why you would find this necessary?

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