Cycle time based on sprints

Hello EasyBI Community,

I’m trying to get the cycle time metric for my project team on a sprint basis and facing a couple of issues when am trying.

For Example

Consider For the xyz-1 ticket, I want to get cycle time and this ticket has passed through multiple sprints e.g. sprint 1(8 working days), Sprint 2(8 working days) and Sprint 3 (ticket closed on 5th working day of this sprint)

So I want the report to show that the cycle time for sprint 3 for xyz-1 ticket as 21 days, but where as the report is showing to me by splitting sprint wise as below
Sprint 1 xyz-1 is 8days
Sprint 2 xyz-1 is 8days
Sprint 3 xyz-1 is 5 days

Can someone help me here in getting cycle time for a specific ticket only on closed sprint rather than splitting the days between multiple sprints

Default historical meaures will set the activity for a particular status, sprint, and any other field at the moment of the activity. If the issue was in sprint 1 when moved out of some status in a cycle, we will log this time for a sprint 1 while the issue is not finished yet and will be completed in the sprint 2 or sprint 3.

I would suggest using some specific custom measure for a cycle to calculate total time in cycle without splitting it by satuses in cycle or by sprints.

This example report in our demo account can be used to compare how default measures will work compared to custom cycle measure. You can use the Average days in cycle from this report for this calculation. You would like to use only the part with custom issue level Avg calculation. Please add the transition status to the report and select transition status representing the cycle.

Here is the updated formula with additional filter by Sprint for performance improvement:

-- the formula calculates total time spent in cycle for resolved issues. 
-- should use in report or in another formula with Transition status dimension
-- calculation for a selected period/timeline requires issue level calculation. 
    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    -- filter issues resolved in period
      [Measures].[Issue resolution date],
    -- for performance filter if issues last/closed sprint is the same as a selected sprint
    IIF( [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = "Sprint" , 
     [Measures].[issue sprint] = [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name , 1)
   -- filter currently resolved issues by any dimension, except transition status
    ([Measures].[Issues resolved], [Transition Status].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
  -- count total time spent for this issue in a particular status - use Transition status in report 
       [Measures].[Days in transition status],
       [Transition Status].CurrentHierarchyMember, -- use Transition status in report or in another formula

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