Cycle time by few transition statuses

Help me please
I need to calculate the average cycle time using the formula:
** (Time in status 1 + time in status 2 + … + time in status 9) / Number of tickets in the sample **
I tried to use the Average number of days in the transition status and summed the required statuses, but it counts the time spent in the status divided by the number of transitions from the status.
This is how it looks:
Task 1: there are 10 transitions from the In progress status (as part of testing and revision), each time in the status was spent 1 day
Task 2: 5 transitions from the “In progress” status, each time for 1.5 days.

I need to calculate the average processing time for these tickets: (10 * 1 + 5 * 1.5) / 2 (number of tickets) = 8.75 days.
But it is considered this way: (10 * 1 + 5 * 1.5) / (10 + 5) = 1.17 days.

How to divide by the number of tickets in the formula?

Hi @Mitirrol

Indeed, by default, the average is calculating dividing the total days with transitions, not the count of issues.

You may want to check out eazyBI demo report and measure “Average days in cycle” used with a custom cycle: Average lead and cycle time - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

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